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Severe pruning can cause fewer blooms to produce.

Jan 24, When to Prune Crape Myrtle Trees.

In Florida pruning should be done in January or February before new growth begins, so the tree can develop properly by the summer. This will ensure the natural beauty it will display when healthy and vigorous. Pruning Crape Myrtle Trees while dormant will not interfere with blooming since buds form from new growth.

Prune off any branches that are dead Reviews: Aug 29, How To Prune. If your dwarf crape myrtle is young and sparsely branched, with maybe just a few widely spaced stems/branches, you might want to give it a pruning to make it grow more dense.

If so, use a pair of bypass hand pruners to cut these long branches back by one-quarter to half their height. Cut all stems in a way that the plant will form a nice mounded or rounded shape when the.

This practice results in a witch's broom appearance and a tree that is no longer in proportion.

With proper pruning, any of our beautiful sizes and varieties can become a single stem plant. Simply remove any extra stems protruding from the ground. This includes any suckers. Also, trim any new growth that appears on the stem that may turn into a branch.

You want all of your branching to occur on the top quarter of the tree. Dec 10, Your pruning is done in winter when the Crape Myrtle is dormant, between the months of December and February.

The good news is that super aggressive pruning that you might have seen around town is not actually needed to get a beautiful, healthy Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins.

Jun 14, A natural style of pruning will mostly address the limbs within the tree that may be keeping your crepe myrtle tree from putting on the best show it can. Things like inward growing branches, damaged branches, branches that are too close together or rubbing against each other and other minor issues that could affect the canopy of the tree. Answer #1 Maple Tree's Answer Hi John-Many of the crape myrtles growing as a shrub can definitely be pruned into a nicely shaped multi-trunk tree.

Do you know the name or cultivar of the crape myrtle you want to prune into a tree? If they happen to be a simi-dwarf variety that gets 8 to 10 feet in height they can still be shaped into a nice small tree. Dec 04, this started out as a bush, but I've bound the trunks together from spring to winter, then unbound them just for the winter. I also trim lower branches as t.

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