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Immediately after planting deep soak the soil in the planting.

} May 13, How to Prune a Magnolia Tulip Bush. Part of the series: Tulip Planting Guide. Magnolia trees sometimes go by a different name -- tulip trees.

Learn how to pr. Get professional Tree Pruning in Okeechobee, Florida.

You can quickly test soil pH with an inexpensive soil pH tester probe.

When service and quality counts, turn to the pruning contractors at CJW Landscape. Call Us Today:Jul 21, Prune the tulip magnolia from the top down so you can create a graduated shape. Space the main scaffold branches at least 18 to 24 inches apart.

Use a saw to remove any of the large wood that is closer than that or that is crossing other wood. Tulip Tree These trees should be pruned in fall after the leaves have dropped or in early spring, before the sap starts to flow (March).

If needed, a few small branches can be removed in summer after the leaves have reached full size.

To avoid suffocating your plant, avoid placing any soil on top of the root ball.

The time to make a long lasting effect on the form and structure of the plant is when the tree is young. Jan 20, Prune a deciduous Magnolia only when necessary to remove a damaged or stray branch. Make your pruning cut at a point beyond the breakage or at the origin of the branch; a half-inch above where the branch intersects a healthy branch or trunk.

There is no need to paint or tar pruning cuts because it interferes with the plant's own wound defense system.

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